Details & Design

The School of Connection is an eight month participatory journey that meets for two in-person wilderness immersions, plus online course content released twice a month from Oct-May.

This journey asks for your full presence, participation, and commitment to yourself and to the container as we travel together through the eight months.

We begin with a five day in-person wilderness immersion that connects us as a community and introduces the foundations of the practices and language that will be used throughout the course.

The ongoing monthly content of the course will be introduced every other Wednesday via live webinar and recordings from Hannah and Ellen, interactive forums & council check-ins, worksheets and nature-based practices, meditations and inquiries, and peer support. Your engagement with the content is required and supported by both the guides and the community within clear agreements & expectations.

Course Content


introductory immersion

October 17th-21st 2018, Death Valley Wilderness, CA

We will gather beneath the stars as we establish the foundations for our time together. Wilderness connection practices, the heroine's journey, a gathering of allies, sitting in council, introduction to parts and archetypes, and the beginning of the bonds of friendship and depth that are an integral part of the program.


the gateway

The place of the breath, of the word, of the beginning and the end. The infinite, and the finite. Formless into form. The One Relationship. Finding orientation within the journey.

Our word creates our world, and there is one relationship that exists throughout the whole of our life. Relationship with soul, with spirit, with Self. We examine the archetypes of the Innocent and the Sage, the Sacred Fool and the Trickster as well as the blissheads, the escapist, the addict, and the puella.


wild child

Playfulness. Sensuality. Passion. Purpose. Reading the living map of your life. Power with vs. power over. Authentic embodiment. The intelligence of nature. Waxing moon.

Our bodies are full of innate intelligence that leads us in the direction of our truth, and everything we need to know is written into the living book of the natural world. This is where we are invited to bring our wounded children home, to re-awaken our wild soul who remembers exactly where and how fully she belongs.


into the void

Deepening conversation with the mystery. Honoring the darkness that is essential for the seed to sprout. Emotional intelligence. Sacred rage. Waning moon. Creative expression.

Without darkness, there is no awareness of light. Rather than running away from the darkness within and without, we turn towards it with the knowing that our shadow is the key to reclaiming our gifts. This is where we awaken our muse, our inner beloved, our anima, and our guide to our soul.


humble servant

Give that which you most long for. Every word as prayer. Self-study. Engagement with a wider community. Deep listening. Deep time. Ancestry. Lineage. Belonging.

How do we stand rooted in Self while giving our gifts to the world? This is where our caretakers, co-dependants, enablers, and inner critics have the opportunity to transform into our generative adult selves as leaders, teachers, manifesters, activists, healers, and and mentors. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


courting the soul

March 17th-23rd 2019, Death Valley Wilderness

The peak of the program is a seven day participatory experience where you are invited to take the integration of the practices to a new level through a solo prayerful immersion, supported by the guides. The mythic story lines of your life are offered the opportunity to unfold themselves as you find your attunement to the golden thread in the center of it all.


bringing it home

Spiritual vision is worth very little without the living of it. These times call for hands and hearts engaged in service and embodied light and love to our work, our families, and our communities in a real way. How will you bring your full Self to your life as a conscious creator of peace, justice, and reconciliation? How do you live these teachings and experiences into your daily life?

The time is now. You are needed.

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The nitty gritty...

You receive ::

  • Two in-person wilderness immersions (value $2,200)
  • 6 months of course content and webinars from the guides (value $1,800)
  • Monthly practices & inquiries to deepen personal work (value $300)
  • Bi-weekly council sharing and check-ins (value $175)
  • Two one-on-one calls, one with each guide (value $300)
  • Ongoing support & accountability from guides and community
  • Access to growing network of soul-centric women
  • Total value = $4,620

Exchange :: Sliding Scale $2,700-$3,700

Your payment on the higher end of the scale helps provide scholarships for those that could not otherwise access this work. In addition, 10% of all income earned by the guides goes immediately into non-profit work & service projects.