The woman who started the School of Connection looks very different from the woman who finished it. I truly came home to myself over those eight months in the forest. Hannah and Ellen helped reveal the tools within myself I used to heal and whole myself. I reflect back on when I first heard about this program over a year ago and how terrified I was - A terror that eventually was the catalyst for undertaking this journey. If thinking about it makes your heart beat faster, then I highly recommend taking the leap of faith. This was truly the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.
— Trailblazer
I was drawn to this program suddenly and without knowing quite why it felt so urgent. I have worked with Ellen for a long time and Hannah was a new experience. But the combination of the two of them, the interweaving and lively responsive guiding, from their different backgrounds and sources of wisdom was truly magical and potent. I brought my whole self to this endeavor and was rewarded with more knowledge about my place in this circle, the world at large, and my own continued coming of age. The modeling of deep respect and kindness, trust in the unfolding of mystery is a strong container for the deepest work. It was my honor to witness the deep diving of all in this circle, the willingness to trust and be vulnerable. This is a very special program and very special guides. IF you feel at all drawn, from any part of yourself, jump in! You will find a hearty banquet of inspiration and support.
— Joan McDowell
When those I love ask me about the school of connection, I often find myself at a loss for words that accurately reflect both the depth and broadness of the transformation I experienced out on the land and deep inside my heart. When we began the program, I was suffering from a lifetime of disconnect with both myself and the natural world, as well as what we all collectively feel as a result of the disconnection in our current society. My inner experience felt stunted and cramped, and like I was somehow mourning the loss of something I couldn’t quite put a name to. I wasn’t quite lost but I knew I wasn’t on the right path.

During the program, our guides, Ellen and Hannah, gently midwived our group with their combined expertise and wisdom, helping us each reconnect with what is vital inside of us and in the world. They lovingly brought us to the edge and helped bridge the space between ourselves and the realms of possibility. I experienced a loving reunification with long lost parts of myself that I discovered, to my surprise, had been searching for me long before I knew how to listen for their voices in the wind and extend my hand to theirs. I burned down my rigid walls and cultivated a sacred emptiness for the more authentic me that was waiting to be born out under the stars.

In this program I discovered a larger sense of myself than I had ever understood to be possible, and with it a clearer understanding of my true gifts. I learned that in order to give these gifts their full expression and best chance in the world that I must tend the beloved wellspring that resides in my own heart and the heart of nature. I learned that nature and the earth itself is a pure mirror and willing guide to each of us, and a beloved companion. The relationships I formed with the women I now am fortunate enough to call my sisters will last a lifetime and beyond, as will the impact this work has had on my personal trajectory.

If you feel called to this work and are perhaps uncertain whether it is for you, I strongly urge you to say yes to the seed of your self that you carry deep within and have always carried. If you are reading my words, consider this your sign that it is time to plant that seed and begin your own process of personal unfoldment, to discover that you are connected to a vast, ancient and beautiful Self that is present and simply waiting for you to reach out your own small and willing hand.
— S T
School of Connection is the perfect school for the new paradigm because it is about completely surrendering to each moment instead of needing to reach a destination. It emphasizes on the adventure of life, it is about the art of being in a state of wonder, about exploring compassion for the world through the lense of nature, about seeing yourself through the eyes of nature, about holding yourself like the universal mother does, it’s about how to find radical acceptance for who you are. School of connection taught me how to turn to myself for the answers, how to turn within to heal, and how to know myself in a deeper ways then ever before. I felt met and seen in every aspect as I got to be witnessed in the depths of my grief and despair as well as the heights of my joy and gratitude for my life. This is the school for you if learning how to trust and surrender to the divine mystery is calling to your heart and soul in the new age of miracles!
— Compasha Aadland
The name says it all: School of Connection. So many connections were made during the incredible 9 month gestation of this incredible womb-like circle that we created and nurtured together.

Connection to self: We learned about archetypes and how they are expressed within us. We learned about Parts of ourselves—Protectors, Exiles who have arisen from difficult times in our lives. We practiced the skill of speaking for our Parts, not from them. I felt that I was slowly becoming more aware of how to not take myself so personally, while remaining fully self responsible. There was a certain softening of the edges that came with fully accepting the process and each nuanced aspect within it.

Connection to Nature and the Mystery: each solo wander with that beautiful land brought such insight and deepening of inquiry... as well as qualities I never would have expected from a relationship with nature - like humor and wit!
The stillness of Nature moves me, and her silence has so much to say!

The most profound aspect of School of Connection was/is the sisterhood that formed. The Brave Space we shared and held for one another for so many months, our raw vulnerability, our deep soul-shaking sobs and angry war-cries... all witnessed. Our stories, our Truths... woven together with immense tensile strength. All emotions and parts are welcome, and that quickly creates a very intimate circle of friends, who all know what you’re being challenged by, and are all learning the same language and modalities to explore those challenges. The sisterhood has taught me that community can be filled with depth and intimacy (as well as so much laughter and late-night giggling) This particular circle of women share a bond that will live on, and even just the knowing of that has made me a more grounded, centered human with an expanded heart.

Hannah and Ellen are incredibly articulate, intuitive guides, facilitors, teachers, and mirrors- listening so deeply and with such well-tuned hearts. As they reflected back to me my own words, I could hear myself more clearly. They have the knack of distilling the work down to the necessary essence.

If you crave self-exploration, a place to be heard and recognized for the experiences and qualities that, perhaps have yet to be awakened within you, and you crave a gorgeous slice of nature to spend time with other woman who are looking for a very similar experience, I believe with all my heart that The School of Connection is exactly what you’ve been seeking. It’s like being welcomed back into the world with fresh, new eyes and a new family, who loves you unconditionally, and whose arms you can always return to.
— Lenee Goselin