Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

"We are the promise of the prayers of our mothers & the long line of mothers before them."      -Marya Stark


We live in a time where our full selves, our authentic selves, are needed more than ever. A time where we find ourselves at the intersections of responsibility and longing, of justice and love. A time where the songs of the soul are a mere whisper amongst the frenzied pace of modernity.

Do you remember how to listen?


The School of Connection is a journey of re-membering wholeness within the container of community; of practical tools & resources to come to life and live on purpose.

SoC Council Circle, January 2018

SoC Council Circle, January 2018


Where Inner and Outer Work Coincide

SoC weekend immersion, April 2018

SoC weekend immersion, April 2018

This program is for women who want to step forward as authentic and embodied vessels of service to the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. Do you hear the call? Is life asking you to rise?

This is not therapy. This is for those courageous hearts who truly desire change and are willing to look deeply within in order to show up more fully for their families, their communities, and for the world.

The School of Connection is for those who are ready to surrender to the river of life in order to be carried beyond what they think they know.



the gateway

The place of the breath, of the word, of the beginning and the end. The infinite, and the finite. Formless into form. The One Relationship. Finding orientation within the journey.


wild child

Playfulness. Sensuality. Passion. Purpose. Reading the living map of your life. Power with vs. power over. Authentic embodiment. The intelligence of nature. Waxing moon.


into the void

Deepening conversation with the mystery. Honoring the darkness that allows the seed to sprout. Emotional intelligence. Sacred rage. Waning moon. Creative expression.


humble servant

Give that which you most long for. Every word as prayer. Self-study. Engagement with wider community. Deep listening. Deep time. Ancestry. Lineage. Belonging.

This invitation is open to a limited number of courageous souls willing to do the work. We will travel together for eight months in a container of community, accountability, inquiry, and practice.

This is deeply personal work, as it is simultaneously a living training for those called to step more fully into leadership and facilitation.