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Ellen & Hannah, School of Connection 2018

Ellen & Hannah, School of Connection 2018


Hannah Jermstad

The road of life has led Hannah from the depths of disconnection to a marvelous love affair with the mystery and many places in between. A student of the stars and trees, her greatest passion is the journey of humanity and the study of what it is to reach true adulthood fully embodied in soul and purpose in service to this dynamic time we find ourselves in.

Director of the CA Global Youth Peace Summit and co-creator of the School of Connection, Hannah  has been deeply impacted by her studies of humanitarian work and facilitation with Vanessa Stone, nature-based guiding with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute, along with many many more. Hannah's poetic weavings of the word bring illumination into the depths of the human experience & allow the beauty that is all around us to dance in the light of reverent awareness. Learn more at


Ellen Grossman MS, NP

Ellen has been standing at the threshold of women's initiation for 30 years. As a nurse-midwife, ceremonialist, and deep journey practitioner, she has accompanied thousands of women to embrace their creative life force (physically or metaphorically) as they sweat and labor to birth that life force into the world through facing their fears and plumbing depths to find treasures they didn't know they possessed.

She now works with both men and women who are seeking to give birth to their soul gifts in order to come more fully into the world at this time. She has a private practice, utilizing Bill Plotkin's Map of the Psyche in combination with drum journeywork practices and other Soulcraft practices. Her joyful embodiment and practical lived wisdom infuses a sense of both ease and depth into all of the containers that she tends. Ellen offers private sessions, classes, workshops, weekend and week-long wilderness retreats.

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